Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15: The Soviet Union’s Long-Lived Korean War Fighter


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The Soviet Union’s swept-wing fighter, controversially powered by a copied Rolls-Royce Nene jet engine, caused a sensation and more than a few problems for its opponents when it first appeared during the Korean War in 1950. Very large numbers of ‘Fagots’ were built and saw service with many air forces over a long period of years, and many more two-seat trainer MiG-15UTI ‘Midgets’ were also constructed, serving throughout the Warsaw Pact nations and in other countries. In this Aerofax, compiled by noted Russian aviation writer and historian Yefim Gordon from his wealth of first-hand Russian sources, there is a comprehensive history of every evolution of the design and its service. Notably in this volume, there are even tables listing intricate details of many individual aircraft, a concept which would have been unthinkable in any publications, least of all Western books, only a few years ago. 4th October 2000 Naturally, there is extensive and detailed Aerofax-style photo coverage, again from Russian sources, almost all of which is previously unseen and contains some real eye-openers. The latest title from Aerofax on a Russian subject. The earlier Russian titles have been among the best sellers in the series; Researched and compiled from Russian sources which were inaccessible until relatively recent times; This book, like all the titles in the Aerofax series, is of great use to aviation modellers; Contains detailed and extensive photographic coverage and includes colour drawings and side view.

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